Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well, I'll be damned.....

I bet you're thinking I gave up on this blog! Hi everyone! I'm still here. Just doing other things of utter importance. Will be going to Cali on Sunday for 9 days. Quite excited! Sort of. Doing it on a shoestring, so we'll see.

So, since my last blog, things have been going pretty well. Daughter and I talk more about things, and she's really enlightened me about her depression that she seems to be doing better with. We're really fortunate to have a set of Godparents that really encourage her, and she's been really open with them about that stuff. If you recall my other blog, she had a friend who killed himself, and her Godparents knew him from gymnastics. Because of that, they started talking one night and that's when Marley revealed to them her troubles (of course they knew about the depression, but they were touched that she was able to talk to them about it).

I find that I'm really a spaz. I have 1000 things go through my head and I voice them, and I find that it's exasperating for the people around me. Somehow I need to turn that off.
Please give me pointers on how the shut the hell up!!!

Well, it's great to chat w/ you! Hope all is well. Shout out to Jim and Cora!!

Oh, reading for the month or 2 between posts: I'm starting Harry Potter. I'll let you know if I continue the books. We've had these books for 11 years. I know. I'm a little behind!