Monday, May 24, 2010


Hi lovely 1 or 2 people who follow this blog!!
I can't necessarily say "I'm BAAAAAAAAACK" because, who knows how long my next blog will take?
I've been really just needing to soul search a little bit in my life. I have found a remarkable author and pastor from New York who has helped me put some things into perspective...well, er, actually, his books. I've been having a tough time with my faith. I have sort of just let things fall by the wayside when it comes to my spirituality and what is really important in the grand scheme of things.
Well, it IS starting to work itself out some, and I'm feeling better. But it wouldn't be possible without friends who have continued to pray for us and friends (like my girl Carol who sometimes reads this) who just are there when I need them to be. It is without a doubt God really wanting me to put some stuff down and look at Him for my answers.
I think that for the past year, I have looked at my Twilight obsession as an idol that is bad, but I realized that it's such a superficial thing compared to my other idols that I have been carrying around for years.
I was talking to a friend the other day about some of the friends I've made through my "Twilight Obsession" and realized that out of the 20 or so people I have met, I can honestly say that only about 4 of them are people that I'm willing to call on the phone and chat with for more than something over Twilight.
Lisa and I both love music. Her hubby likes open mics, and so we've started doing that together. Michelle and I just like to hang around, and we share our obsession, but we've had a crazy connection from day one, pretty much. Carol and I love wine and just have things in common. I can tell her things that I can't tell others. She's gotten me through my daughter's angst and my craziness. Bree, although we don't agree on a lot of things, is still someone that I care about and I enjoy listening to what she has to say. She's one where I listen more than talk, which is so refreshing. I'm sure those of you who know me wonder how in the world I can listen more than talk. Marne is one who just is fun to talk to. Being as calm and reserved as she is, the class clown likes to come out and see if I can press her buttons, but even she is more of a "Twilight friend". We do plan on going and seeing her one of these days in Vancouver, but not as soon as I hope to go.

So, I do have a point to all this. Twilight isn't an idol to me. It's a part of my whole idolatry of wanting to find the perfect love. Although I'm a 30-something singleton who has been around the block enough, I still wish for that true love that I hope to someday have. A book I picked up from Timothy Keller (the pastor from New York) called "Counterfeit Gods" talks about the fact that we do have idols because of the absence in the heart that we have when we don't have God in it. He even goes far enough to say that in addiction, it is something that needs to be replaced, not squelched. Which makes sense when I give up sugar, I end up eating more salt, etc. Why am I telling you this? Because if you see me on Facebook or in my blog feeling sorry for myself, you can say "Look to your heart, Gretch!" What do I do without a man. I'm really good at self-loathing. I also teach aerobics and I love to read....OBVIOUSLY!

Did I just go off on a tangent again??
Love to all!

My book this blog is "Counterfeit Gods" by Timothy Keller. Whether you're a believer or not, it's a good book. Even has some funny parts in it.

Next book I'm reading is.......shoot. I forget, but it's in my bag.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

HELLO MY AVID FOLLOWERS!!! I'm taking some time off of blogging to do some painting, working 2 jobs, and just not having much to write. TTYL!!