Saturday, July 23, 2011

WTF????? Yes, I actually am posting!!

Hi All! So, the long delay in posting has something to do with school, moving, and other family issues going on in the household. I actually am writing another blog about the other family issue called "Trans-Parent". I am the mother of a female-male transgender child. So, I felt it was something I needed to start writing about. You're welcome to check it out here on Blogger.

I tend to write more here about just the ups and downs of my life, as usual. It's more of what's going on with me, not what's going on with my daughter/son and our transition. Speaking of kids----SHOUT OUT TO JIM AND CORA! Happy Anniversary for 6 months of EXTREME joy and happiness!! It's a pleasure to see C growing up and happy!

So, in a nutshell-This is not a surprising or recent transition, but it is one that was speculated until it came to fruition a few months back (more like 5). However, having seen that her attitude change for the better, how can I deny that happiness? One day, I was thinking, as I was reading a blog from Jim and Cora about their daughter, that I would feel sadness that I was losing that, but I don't. I had my daughter at C's age, and I even see some pics that remind me of mine. I'm just so happy to not feel that I am comparing my kid anymore to others. There is no comparison. It's refreshing to see that I have a very unique child.