Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bitch....and a question....

Okay, I really hate using graphic words, especially in the title, but I was so humiliated today at work, that I actually had to leave my client and go in the back and cry. You see, when I'm pissed, I cry. I'm not the kind of person who, especially in a professional environment, can say something witty back to put the person in her place without getting down to the level of the bitch that humiliated/pissed me off.

This person I'm talking about is a very smart, witty person. Lately, she and I haven't been getting along very well, but I've tried really hard to the point of pasting on a smile and faking it. Trust me, it's hard for me to fake it because I just hate doing that. It goes against the grain for me. I think it's because my mother would talk behind people's backs and then pretend they were best friends. I love my mom very much, don't get me wrong, but this was one of her quirks that bugged me. Anyhoo, I was explaining to the donor in layman's terms about what platelets did. I told her it was a clotting factor in your blood. Now, in my head, a clotting factor is something that helps the blood clot. Platelets may not be considered a clotting factor in the terms of medicine, but a person who is giving platelets doesn't F**KING want to understand that it comes from the bone marrow and not the liver, etc. Saying that it's a clotting factor means to a donor that platelets help patients with cancer and trauma and surgery get their blood clotting when it needs to! Someone doesn't need to come out of their screening room, while doing stuff outside of work-related stuff, I might add, and tell me that it isn't a clotting factor, it helps in the clotting process, etc, in front of the donor. Even the donor was flabbergasted, not to mention the nurse, who happened to be satisfied and understand that I didn't have to be all medicalese-like to the layman that was on the damn donor bed!!
Unfortunately for me, I have an automatic response of turning the color of a fire engine. I cannot, for the life of me, hide that. I then proceeded to work on my donor, and then I felt the tears come. I asked the nurse to please put the bar codes on my platelet kit. Bless her heart, I didn't have to ask twice. She knew I needed a moment.
I guess I'm a person who, if I make a mistake such as one like this, I find the error of my ways and go and apologize without prompt. I really felt that this person, who is 31 years old, btw, would figure out that she crossed a line and come and apologize. Nope. I'm pissed. I'm pissed because I HAVE apologized to her for things like this. Because of that, you would think that she'd figure it out. Am I wrong? Am I asking too much to not have to bring it up? Should she be on a level of maturity to figure it out? Let me know. I really want to. If I don't like it, I promise I won't hold it against you like I'm doing to the subject I'm talking about right now.

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  1. Well, I think that tact is something learned from your parents and others. Unfortunately, many people don't develop a well defined sense of tact. This is because they are IDIOTic A$$Holes. There is no need for you to apologize to this person. I think you might wear your feelings on your sleeve and maybe you should be prepared to flat-out tell this...person...she should keep her furry warted nose out of other people's business, but that is not a bad thing, it means you are empathetic. There are many times where the curiosity of the person asking is not sufficient to warrant a complete explanation and the quick-dirty explanation will do. If others of the medical field don't know this or feel they need to show their "superior" knowledge, it is likely because they are either the illegitimate spawn of a donkey and a dung beetle or they are so insecure in their own abilities that they find it necessary to tear others down to raise themselves up. I'm banking on both.

    Of course, sometimes you just need to punch someone in the nose or put a different lock on her locker and then see her have to call the custodian to cut it off...just a thought from an evil doer such as myself! :-)

    Oh, and I'd have been happy with the "clotting factor" explanation. I don't plan on taking up the health care profession anytime soon.