Sunday, November 27, 2011


Tonight I was putting up Christmas lights in my apartment window when I realized what a draft we had coming through there. I realized there was a spot at the top of the window that didn't close well. Just a little spot because the frame's probably a little warped, so it doesn't seal. Well, as I was on the phone with a friend, I was looking through some mail, and I had a throw pile, so I took one of the envelopes, folded it up as to make a wedge, and put it under the slider part of the window. Fred asked what I was doing, and he called me MacGuyver. I guess I am. But I've always done stuff like that. Sure, it may look tacky, but it saves me time and money. When I lived in the 'burbs, I started getting the notion that I had to buy things or have someone fix things for me. Moving back to the city put me back to my roots of just fixing the damn thing. Why wait for the maintenance guy to have to fix the window right away? DUH!
Jim and Cora, Chloe is darling! Everyone have a happy Christmas season!!

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  1. Cool way to fix a hole! I'd use duct darned near everywhere.

    As for Chloe: I KNOW, HUH!?