Sunday, March 21, 2010

In God I Trust. I define success on my own terms. Happiness is not defined by how smoothly everything is going for me. I aim for big dreams & excellence. Never allow failure to defeat me. I do not allow fear to overpower my progression.<--------got this off a FB page-Thanks LaRayne!

I've been piddling around for a couple days. Finally at the end stages of some nasty bronchitis. Today has been a great day for contemplation, laughter, and just plain old good jibes with my daughter. OH! Also washing all the "sick" bedding. That's tedious when I have a little washer, but I was able to do 1 comforter and 1 pillow in a load, so that was 2 loads, not including the sheets, but that's for another day. My bronchitis was allergy related, and I really need to get rid of the down comforters and get regular poly ones, which I should have done years ago d/t having an asthmatic daughter, but whatever. I'm only thinking of MEMEME! so it will soon get done....maybe. Selfish, aren't I? Yes, I am one of the most selfish creatures I know. That's been part of my contemplating. I love my daughter. I would do anything for her, but at the same time, I always find things to do for me. I wonder how to not be that way. Or can I? I am REALLY thinking out loud right now, so if you feel lost, think of this as being in my head. Scary, huh? Sort of like a clip of "Being John Malkovich".
I really had another point, but instead, I'm going to go have my dinner now.

PS--Check out Jim's coloring books to fund his son's adoption at Pass it on to your friends!


  1. Thanks for the plug! I thought you should know I bought the New Moon DVD for my secretly as I could. We got home and she was totally surprised to find it on her chair. Score 1 for me!

    Have a good day my friend!

  2. WOOT WOOT!!! Jim, if you got the Wal-Mart one, then my friend Carol and I are in the Forks documentary, along with another friend. We're walking by the camera. Haven't seen it, but Carol told me!! I'm in red shorts w/ a black shirt, if you care. :D