Monday, April 5, 2010

Desperation and Inspiration

So, tonight I was cruising Facebook, when I came along an old HS crush that was someone else's friend. I would never friend him. I don't think we spoke 2 words to each other, but I had the most AMAZING crush on him. Abel is still F***HOT!! So, because I was sitting on my fat ass looking through FB, I started feeling sorry for myself that I wasn't F***hot. Thanks to some awesome friends, I felt better, but that niggling of not being thin enough or firm enough stays with me. I teach water aerobics, and if the students I had only knew how SO uncomfortable I am with myself, I don't know if they would want me teaching! I love it, though. I can't imagine anything better! It's where I can be a kid and give people what they really want. THAT'S what makes me feel good. I just wish I LOOKED like an aerobics instructor. I will start working on that.
ANYHOO! As I was feeling down and out, I found a magazine that had an article about a woman who had bi-polar disorder, which, I will admit, I have. She went to Johns Hopkins to get treatment, and she walked by a statue of Jesus w/ a passage that made me feel so good and I felt better. I will post it at the bottom.
Thank you for reading. I appreciate you for taking the time to read and share.
Love, Gretchen

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

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  1. Gretchen, it's O.K. to say you had a crush on me. You don't have to use code words like Abel (although you spelled the military Able, Baker, Charlie, etc...wrong) to refer to little old me! Gosh, I'm blushing, but I don't mind! :-)

    As for outward looks...I've put on a few pounds myself, but I'm as good looking as ever! You should tell yourself that a few times each for me. Hope you have a good day old friend.