Monday, April 19, 2010

Springtime Blues

Can't shake this blueness that I'm feeling right now. I don't like that feeling at all, but of course, it's there. Yes, I'm one of the pharmaceutical fanclubs! I like my pills, and they usually work! I think right now, I just happen to be at a home that's not my own (we are housesitting for some friends) and I just want my own space right now.

I think sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. I don't feel overwhelmed, but I'm not feeling very rested right now, either. There are friends that I miss and haven't seen in a while, but at the same time, I just want to stay home instead of call on a friend.
I'm actually writing this post over a span of 2 days. I haven't had much inspiration, or at least I haven't been looking for it. But on this rainy RAINY Wednesday morning, I am determined to find the inspiration that will get me through today-whether it be a phone call, a project to finish, or even a line from a book. Oh, I found the line from the book, but I still have a project to finish.
My daughter and I are talking about stretching ourselves. She has a project and she wants to do a topic on her favorite subject: The X-Files. Her teacher says that she knows too much about the subject. What I'm trying to teach her is that her teachers want to stretch her. They want her to find things that she doesn't know about. This is so awesome that we're having these kinds of discussions. I want her to stretch herself, too. I hope that she HERSELF decides to challenge herself. HEY I think that's my inspiration today. Encouraging my daughter to stretch her limits and also be an example of that!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. So, you could encourage her to read about history... :-)