Sunday, October 31, 2010


Okay, so guess what.....I have found that there's still chivalry in this world. It's in the form of homeless men. I was at the bus stop on my way to Seattle when I was standing there and a guy gave me his seat. I kept telling him I was fine, but he wouldn't hear of it. One of the other guys there, as I was pulling out my money for the bus, gave me a bus transfer. When we got on the bus, I went to sit in the back, and a family of five got on a couple stops later. They were parents and 3 pretty little girls. One of them was sitting by me, and she scooted away from me, and I looked at her and asked her if I was crowding her. She was brutally honest and from then on, I had a fun conversation with a 7, 8, and 9 year old. The parents were nice, too. This was the picture of a happy family who was riding to Seattle to have breakfast and spend time together without running around doing Saturday busy-work. It was refreshing to see, and I was happy all day.
Even when I pissed off the Hot Topic worker when I told her that HT made a mistake by being a sell-out with the likes of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, I wasn't fazed.
Yes, it was a great day walking around Seattle with my friend Carol who is willing to cross the water on the the ferry for 5 hours of window shopping with me. When takes her about that to take the round trip. Thanks friend!!

I hope to remember this post, or be reminded of it when I have a really shitty day and post an angry one. I really had fun. Even when I went to Fred Meyer and had a guy behind me in Customer Service get irritated that my request was taking so long. I handled it well. I told him that the guy was helping me with something and that if he felt so inclined, he could test customer service guy's multi-tasking skills by being helped while I was being helped (I said that much more politely than I said it here). Chivalry....right....HAHAHAHA!!!!

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  1. HA! Sounds like a good day! I think you should sub in a high school if you want to practice keeping a civil tongue. Doesn't work for me, I'm a smart ass and a king of insulting kids. I think they kinda like it, though. Children are weird.