Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here's to Shirley!!

I'm sitting at Starbuck's typing this while I wait for an old acquaintance to come have Happy Hour with me in downtown Bellevue. I work here, but today I'm off, yet I'm not at home cuddled on the couch like I wish I was. Oh well. I need to stop sulking in my own world and hang out with people. Shirley was people. She passed away on New Year's after a 2 year battle with breast cancer, which she had been in remission for for 10 years before it was found again. Scary, huh? Yup.
Shirley was no-nonsense. She was really cool because she told you like it was without her voice ever being raised. I think she got a lot of respect that way. I have yet to tell you like it is without raising my voice, but there's hope, right??

All I must say is this:
Thank you, Shirley, for giving me words of wisdom that I still carry with me. I will always remember where they came from. I think I pick things up from people that I like to have, and your way of telling it like it is, is one of those.
Thanks for your giggle that you always had. It made me giggle just hearing it. Thank you for the times you went to lunch with me and let me think that our boss was wonderful. At the time, I didn't need to know what a bitch she was. I know that you were saving me from that. I had to find out for myself--which was the mommy in you. :D
Thank you for you. You have touched many lives. I'm sorry I didn't go to your service, but I'd rather you read this from your heavenly perch, and I hope when you do, I hear a giggle.

As I lift my plastic cup full of water, I salute you! You will always be in my heart!
FAREWELL until I see you in heaven!

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