Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ego Trips

Here's what I looked like after my tif w/ my co-worker.------------>

So, today at work I got into a disagreement with a co-worker regarding a procedure that we disagreed with each other on. Funny thing is, is somehow I started feeling egotistical and pissed that she kept arguing with me, even though I knew I was in the right.
I get so tired of arguing that I just throw my hands up and say FINE. I'm mad I did it, though. She said that she had a couple people to back her up, which was fine, but I knew from past information and even our manuscript that I was in the right. WHATEVER! I sometimes wonder why I never stand up for my beliefs and why do I sometimes think that someone's right when they could be wrong?

Have you ever had that happen? How did you stand up for yourself?

P.S. After I cooled off, I went to Twitarded and found this fanmade vid! (cut and paste, cuz I'm not that savvy yet.)

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