Saturday, January 23, 2010


I want to protect you so much that I beg you to do your list. Don't follow me...just do it. (I'd like to think that's what Eddy REALLY said to Belly.)----------------------------->

Hey! So, I'm feeling bi-polar today. Mostly happy, but sadness seeps through about Julie. I think of her wonderful daughters and hope that they, along with their dad, can get through this and remember all the greatness!

Don't have much to say, but just felt like saying something. Tomorrow I'm going to "Bill's off Broadway" to sing and enjoy good music (9pm, if anyone's interested) and possibly have a piece of yummy pizza. How's the List going?
Shoutout to Carol! Hope your metabolism thingy's doing well! If you haven't noticed yet, I can be quite vague. I've said "thingy" ever since I can remember.
My List is not that great. I'm really working on that water, and my belly's telling me to start exercising again so it can firm up. Seriously, working out, even for 20 mins a day like I used to do was awesome (or EMOSEWA) for my upper body!!
Love to all!

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  1. My thing is going well! :P
    I haven't ordered that elliptical yet, but am walking or doing strength training exercises QD. I hope you're having fun singing today!!!