Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year Resolutions? ICK!!!

This pic shows what I think of New Year's Resolutions------------->
I don't like New Year Resolutions, but I'm doing a cool thing on another blog that I'm going to try here for my friends. This is something that can take such little effort, yet, I'm seeing that there are things in my day that I don't take the time to do. Thanks to emmeloohoo on Letters To Twilight Blog (seriously people, are you REALLY surprised that I found this on a Twilight Blog??), I'm really going to try to take these little details that she gave us and use them. They are so realistic that I'm willing to do this and know that I can succeed in some things. However, I still haven't mastered drinking 64 oz water. My lips get chapped and my 7 hours of required sleep gets interrupted. I'm working on it!
The 10 things to do on a daily basis are:

1) 20 mins physical activity that gets your body going.

2) 20 mins of time OFF computer or TV that's productive (I'm going to do Bible study time, for example--no Twilight for me on this, hehe)

3) Eat 3 fruits or 2 veggies/day.

4) 64 oz water.

5) Give someone an unsolicited affirmation.

6) Eat only up to 2 small treats/day.

7) Don't eat after 10pm.

8) Be ready for the world by 11 am.

9) Sleep 7 hrs/night.

10) Respond once a week to my weekly post, which will count as 5 points for the week.

You do this 5 days a week because the ones who want to do it so far are superbusy people! If you want to stay in the habit, by all means, keep it up. We will count up points on March 17, cuz you need that day off for Green Beer (or Green sparkling apple cider, maybe?) and if you want to continue, we will go from there!
Please remember that this is very realistic and it's okay to start slow! This is meant to get you into a habit that is good for mind, body, and spirit!

Okay, since we're not officially starting until Monday Jan. 18, you get 5 extra points by responding to this blog this week by letting me know who you are and the toughest challenges on this list are going to be for you. HAVE FUN!!!! IT'S REALLY WHAT THIS IS ABOUT!!



  1. RE: Twilight: Alice is my favorite...because she is HOTTT!!!

    Cool to see you blogging...follow my link and see mine!



  2. I'm me, silly! The most difficult for me will be 1.
    3 & 9 will be somewhat diff.
    5-8 won't be too bad. 2, 4, 10 will be a breeze.
    Can't wait for the weekend fun to start!!!
    See you tomorrow! :D