Sunday, February 21, 2010

Piano fingers and fiddle bows

Nothing to say about this caption, just nice to look at, and I do mean the piano (hehe). ------------->

I'm listening to a lovely piano piece. I love the piano. It's one of the only instruments that has so many sounds to it. It also is the most eclectic. It has the ability to play in any genre of music, whether it be alternative, blues, jazz, rock, etc.
I was a terrible piano student. I loved it so much, yet thought that I had to be classically trained, so I got frustrated and have just learned, in recent years, after learning how to play the fiddle, that I can also learn the piano that way. I plan on getting a new fiddle when I get out of debt, and it will be a priority.
So many things I want to do. Still have to fuel my Twilight obsession, too, and I always seem to be able to come up with strategies to do that, AND pay bills. WHEW!! Am I getting off the subject again? I don't think I really had one, actually. Just like to have a pert subject to get the conversation rolling, you know.
I've been wondering how much should be disclosed in this journal of mine. What's your thought on that? I am always aware of needing to be private about work and family people, but there are some things I'd like to say, but don't know if I should. THOUGHTS? I know you have them.

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  1. Bruce Hornsby made me desperately want to learn piano. But I don't seem to have any natural talent, so I didn't try very hard. I admire your talent Gretchen! I hope you're able to get that fiddle soon.

    Coming from a family that is very private, being a bit cynical and not naturally trusting,
    and perhaps because I'm in a cougholdercoughgenerationcough, I'm not big on personal disclosure in public forums. But that's me. I think you should go with whatever feels comfortable to YOU!