Sunday, February 7, 2010


----------------------------------->This is what the mountains looked like from where I lived in Montana. The most beautiful place in Montana was the Fairfield Bench, IMO. :D

Hi! Not much to say, but I have a question that gets posed to me once in a while. Where are you from originally? Well, I'm originally from Montana, moved to Central Washington when I was 15 (Sunnyside, near Yakima), moved to Spokane for 6 years a year after high school, and then moved to Seattle after that, where I still reside. People ask me if I miss any of the places I lived, and I have to say that I miss parts of it. I miss the mountains of Montana, the friends of Spokane, and the grape season of Sunnyside where I could get concord grapes easily. :D
How about you? Where are you from and what do you miss about it?


  1. We lived in California for two years and I miss the weather. I also miss the sense of great history. California had a lot going on for about 400 years before much happened in Washington. Much of what I am interested in, though, deals with WWII. There were tons of bases in CA. I visited a few. Some of the museums are awesome. I also miss palm trees.

    of course, when we were down there, we missed the snow and the family.

  2. Grew up in MI, in a small town NE of Detroit. After college (GO BLUE!) I moved to Santa Barbara. Not because of any great desire to get out of MI, but because I loved to travel and was looking for adventure. In CA I missed the seasons, mostly autumn, and picking apples and cider mills and eating those plain cake doughnuts and even raking leaves. Perpetual sun can be boring. 28 years in SoCal (12 in Santa Barbara, 2 in San Diego, 14 in Newbury Park (Ventura Co.) and it never really felt like Christmas at Christmas. I made great friends and enjoyed the outdoor life (sailing, biking, snow skiing, wind surfing, roller skating along the ocean and traveled a lot and met the love of my life. But the non-weather was boring. Pretty much sun or fog ('May Gray' and 'June Gloom') and rain for a short time in winter. Harder rain than I'd ever seen in MI, or in WA since I've lived here. When it rains, it RAINS. It's not the kind of rain you want to walk around in. When we moved to WA Sept. '05 I felt at home right away. Real autumn!!! I've been back to CA every 4-6 mos, but am always happy to get back home. I miss family & friends there, but really nothing else.