Friday, September 24, 2010


LOL!! I think I'm desperate. I want to go to a movie....with a guy....Jim, Cora, Carol---the only 3 people who even read this, send a guy my way. Must live in the Seattle area. I would prefer at least 5'10, but not too picky, and has a decent sense of humor. Not one who is 35-40 and still talks about his college days. I had a client who did that the other night. ICK!!

I FB'd a guy from high school who I really always liked, and told him to call me if he ever came to Seattle. He didn't respond. I was so sad. At least he didn't unfriend me. LOL!!
You probably think I'm drunk. Nope. This is just Gretchen. :D


PS. I'm reading "Women with Attention Deficit Disorder". I think the author was spying on me when she wrote it. It's so much like me! Who knew?

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  1. You know, I suspect more people read your blog than you think. There are TONS of lurkers out there. You can try adding a tracking widget or use Google Analytics. Then you can see how they got to your site, which key words they used and where they are from.

    BTW! We have news, check FB, or my blog.

    We are heading out to see the Hot Air Balloons!! YEA!!!!! Of course, that would be the ONLY reason I would be up this early on a Saturday Morning!