Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 11

I know that all of us will never forget where we were when the planes hit the towers. What blows me away is that 9 years later, I get startled by a picture of that stuff.
I'm tired tonight, and I can't go into detail, but I still get a lurch in my chest when I see pics of the towers burning.

I happened to be listening to a song that I love, which will be posted below, and the video has the WTC in it because it was a song from 1998. Made me a little teary.
Anyway. Working on some issues. I'm finding now that I've been working on my trust issues, underneath that is my pride issues. UGH!!!

Love to all!

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  1. We watched a special on the History Channel last night. It seems to me that the WTC/9-11 disaster may have been one of the most recorded (video, photographic, and audio) events in history. Of course, given our present state of electronics, future events will be even more likely to be recorded. I believe it is a good thing, and maybe fewer such disasters will happen if everyone sees the results of such actions. It shows how we, as a nation, can pull together despite our petty disagreements. We have hope.