Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Wishes

Last night, after my daughter's and my Christmas Eve movie watching with snacks (something new this year, but it was fun), I ended up on this computer taking my facebook profile of which Pooh character I was. I wasn't too surprised to find I was Eeyore. It was actually really refreshing to find that I was an avid couch potato and tv watcher, and all the worrying I have for my kid finds that it's because she's very similar to me. As much as we love to play outside, we balance it out well with computers and couches and tvs.
My Christmas wish this year is to be less freaked out about my daughter's love of all things computer. I'm finding it's her outlet. She is working hard at school, so she will have the outlet, along with me dragging her outdoors. :D

May you all have a wonderful Christmas Day!

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