Sunday, December 12, 2010


I went to Bainbridge Island this weekend for a Colin Firth Marathon. As usual, I had a good time with Carol. She's a sweetie pie. I enjoyed it.

I got to thinking as I was sitting and waiting for the ferry on Friday after work and seeing the man of my dreams running to the ferry that I need to do something. Now, once in my lifetime, I was pretty bold and was able to ask people out or go looking for them (is that stalking?) just to check them out or talk to them. Anyway, I haven't done that in a while. Since I've been in pursuit of more PLATONIC male companionship, I've been wanting to pursue some males. Guess what I did? After I got on the ferry, I checked to see if he was on it. He must have been getting the Bremerton Ferry. Oh well.

You may be wondering why I'm being random. Isn't that what this blog is for? I post my thoughts more than what's going on in my life. My life is great. Normal problems, yet at the same time, more happiness than not. Okay, back to my point. I have a hard time approaching guys because they think that I'm wanting something more than a casual friendship. I had a guy friend once say that men and women can't have totally platonic friendships with each other because there is sexual tension. True, because, did I mention that ferry guy was hotness? But we are adults who need to think with the right head and figure out that we don't need that. I would like casual conversation. I think that's what builds relationships. Is there such a thing between a man and woman-casual convo and building relationships?
I'm proud of myself that I actually went to see if he was on the ferry. A while back, I didn't do that stuff anymore. But now I know what I want. I want male companionship in a platonic way because I want to be a person who can have a casual friendship w/ anyone. I want to be able to go to a movie with a guy without it being called a date. There is something to be said about companionship with another of the opposite sex. It's nice to have a hand to hold. To get another opinion, one that a girl wouldn't think of. Mud and Poetry by Tyler Blanski....must read.

<-----------------------------This was ferry guy

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  1., this guy was ugly? I don't get it. :)